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We have tried to make our application process as simple as possible. There are two ways to apply, either via our online application form or by downloading a Wellbeing Fund Application Form and posting it to the address below or by email to

Please complete all sections of the application form so we can process it as quickly as possible. Failure to complete the form in full might result in us declining the application.

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    Applicants Details (complete this section if you are applying on behalf of a beneficiary) - Step 2 of 11





    What do you need, when do you need it and how will this benefit you?- Step 3 of 11

    Please give in detail your personal circumstances that have led you to apply to and how the item/service will make a difference to your quality of life. Please note that Trustees of Lasting Memories Cancer Trust are not wishing to be intrusive, however we do need to have relevant information to allow us to make informed decisions for every unique application.

    Your application will be kept confidential in line with our privacy policy. Please note that we will not be able to fund every application we receive, and we may have to defer or reject your application based on the volume of requests and the circumstances associated with these.


    Your Circumstances - Step 4 of 11

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    Financial Information - Income and expenditure Step 5 of 11

    # Item Applicant Spouse/partner Combined total
    1 Income (Net £)
    2 Outgoings (£)


    Other - Step 6 of 11


    Medical Professional - Step 7 of 11

    As part of our eligibility criteria we require the details of your medical professional and a letter from them confirming your condition and care. This can be any correspondence you have already received from them dated within the last three months. Please upload a copy for our reference in step 8 below.



    Document Uploads - Step 8 of 11

    We require documentary evidence to support your application, including photo ID, a recent bank statement and proof of your medical diagnosis and address. Please upload the relevant documents below:


    Communication Preferences - Step 9 of 11



    Medical ProfessionalWord of mouthCharity LiteratureCharity WebsiteSocial MediaOther


    Data Privacy Statement - Step 10 of 11

    Privacy Notice – Wellbeing Fund

    By ticking you are agreeing to the terms of our privacy policy. You can view the full policy here


    Terms & Conditions - Step 11 of 11

    I, the applicant, by applying for an item or service from the Wellbeing Fund confirm that I have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions herein. You may withdraw your application at any time by notifying us at

    1. You are applying to the Wellbeing Fund as you are facing financial hardship following your own, or a dependents, cancer diagnosis.
    2. You have not made a request to Lasting Memories Cancer Trust Wellbeing Fund previously within the last 24 months.
    3. As part of the application process, you will be required to submit details of your financial income and expenditure including your last month’s bank statement. You are also required to submit proof of identity and address ie. Driving licence or passport and utility bill.
    4. We reserve the right to request additional evidence in order to process your application.
    5. Failure to provide all the information required or submit any additional information requested may result in Lasting Memories Cancer Trust being unable to award a grant to you.
    6. You may be required to provide receipts or proof of purchase following a Wellbeing Fund grant.
    7. Lasting Memories Cancer Trust will not accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury, cost or claim arising from items purchased using the our services.
    8. You will receive a letter confirming the outcome of your application within 14 days and details of any terms of the service or item that is being provided. You will be asked to sign and confirm that you agree to the terms of receiving your approved application within 14 days of receipt of the letter.
    9. You may be asked to provide feedback to Lasting Memories Cancer Trust to ensure the Charity can review its procedures and processes. We may also ask for a testimonial to be used in marketing material.
    10. We may contact the medical professional to verify details of you/your dependents medical condition.
    11. By submitting an application you confirm that the information is a true statement of all your financial and medical circumstances to the best of your knowledge and belief.