Our purpose is to provide respite and financial support to as many  individuals and families as possible within Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire . We support individuals and their families of all ages with any type of cancer at any stage . We also support those living beyond cancer who find themselves in financial difficulty as a result of losing a loved one.

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We are 100% volunteer led, including our Board of Trustees. This means there are no salaries and minimum overheads, so almost all funds raised go directly to helping those in their time of need.

We also know how it feels to lose loved ones to cancer. We’ve all been directly affected and, as such, can empathise and truly understand the needs of our beneficiaries. If you’re looking for a local charity that supports local people with almost all of your donations going back into the community, then please consider making Lasting Memories one of your charities of choice.

There are many ways you can donate or fundraise on our behalf. You can find out more here

Below are examples of how your donations have  helped local families. We’re already making a difference and, with your continued support, we can help improve the wellbeing and quality of life for more individuals and their families across our local area.

How you’ve helped

Vikki's story

When Lasting Memories heard about  Vikki and her family’s case and the journey they had been on since their daughter Penelope’s cancer diagnosis aged only two, we were determined to help.

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Martin's Story

We supported Martin and his family with their increased transport costs so they could access regular radiotherapy treatment.

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Katie, Mel and Jo’s Story

Katie, Mel and Jo approached Lasting Memories to help fund a garden party to honour their close friend’s wishes.

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Mazz's Story

Mazz experienced significant weight loss as a side-effect of her intense radiotherapy which meant her clothes no longer fitted.  Her husband Rob contacted us to see how we could help.

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