One Cancer Voice warns cancer deaths will rise without urgent action

One Cancer Voice, a group of 47 charities working together has told Radio 1 Newsbeat that without action, the UK’s cancer death rate will rise for the first time in decades.

As reported by the BBC, NHS figures suggest ‘tens of thousands fewer people started cancer treatment since the first lockdown compared to normal times.’

The statistic has led One Cancer Voice to call on the government to ‘invest more money’ so that the backlog of cancer cases is reduced.

The stats are a great concern to Lasting Memories Cancer Trust (LMCT).

Joe Capon, Co-Founder and Vice-Chair of LMCT says: ‘We’re here to help those who are facing cancer diagnoses and their families and friends who may also be affected.

‘We do this by relieving financial troubles and by funding and facilitating days out and trips to create lasting memories.

‘There are around 3,000 cancer cases and 1,300 deaths per year in our area (NHS East and North Hertfordshire) according to Cancer Research statistics.

‘That figure doesn’t need to be extended further – we desperately need it to reduce. 

‘However, right now, it sounds like right now things are going in the wrong direction.’

Coronavirus has impacted everyone,’ he continued.

‘But it has had major repercussions for people with cancer and those close to them.

‘Treatment has been pushed back, people have faced diagnoses and chemotherapy sessions alone and there’s been a financial impact we can’t ignore.

‘On top of all that, we have been unable to deliver our services in the same way due to various restrictions in place. Offering memorable days for individuals and their loved ones to enjoy has simply not been possible. Coronavirus has put a stop to that.

‘Although not a partner, we are behind the message that One Cancer Voice has shared and sincerely hope the NHS is provided with further resources to ensure that everyone has a fair chance against cancer.’