Corporate Partnership

Why partner with us?

Our corporate partnerships offer a unique chance for your business to form a collaborative, and mutually beneficial relationship with Lasting Memories. These partnerships enable us to continue supporting people living with cancer in our communities and enable your business to fulfil its CSR intentions. Additional benefits for your business include:

  • The positive PR of working with us has an impact on your brand image, as well as increasing exposure for your business and distinguishing you from your competition.
  • Our events provide volunteer opportunities to allow your staff to participate in community projects.
  • Engaging your employees in charity work furthers their abilities, increases their motivation and improves your staff retention.  
  • We can use our respective networks to increase awareness of the work that we both do.
  • Partnering with us helps your company become socially accountable – to itself, its stakeholders and the public –while improving your business’ image and reputation.
  • Partnerships boost office morale and encourage team building.

At Lasting Memories, we like to work with partners that value quality of life, understand the importance of time and act in a morally and socially conscientious manner. We aim to make effective, long-term partnerships that suit the strategies of both parties and create mutual enjoyment.

We are truly grateful to all of the businesses and organisations that contribute to our charity and will regularly update you on the positive impact that your fundraising is having.  

If your business can help us to continue making lasting memories, then we would love to hear from you! To discuss partnership opportunities, or for more information on how you can support us, please contact our secretary at


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