Our Services

When you are living with cancer, life becomes consumed by the illness. Whether you’re a patient, a carer or a family member. Whether you’re receiving treatment, in remission, or recently bereaved. You feel the effects of a cancer diagnosis.

We support families to cope with these effects. We help families and friends spend precious time together, giving them respite from the stress and worry of treatment. We offer financial assistance to those struggling with the financial impact of cancer and deliver cancer-specific exercise classes led by the instructors that we fund.

  Memorable Days

Our Memorable Days provide respite and relief from the burdens and stress of appointments, treatment, and the apprehension of follow ups by providing fulfilling and customised trips to suit the needs of you and your loved ones.

  Wellbeing Fund

Our Wellbeing Fund provides a service of financial assistance for our beneficiaries and members helping them to cope during tough times and improve quality of life and wellbeing.

  Care Packs

Show your support to a friend, colleague or relative facing cancer and nominate them to receive a free wellbeing care pack. Crammed with a selection of toiletries and household items they offer those with a diagnosis the chance to unwind when it is needed most.

  Cancer Rehab

We fund exercise and instructor training programs so candidates can develop skills as a Cancer Rehabilitation specialist and increase provision of physical activity session across our communities.